Message From the Principal

I'm Sally and I’ve been the Principal here since 2006. It has been such a privilege to lead such a happy vibrant school that has huge history in the Educate Together family. We were the fifth Educate Together school to open in 1991 and have come through almost 30 years of development since then.   Past staff and current staff have contributed to the development of the Educate Together ethos and the Learn Together programme that is our core curriculum. Through the Learn Together curriculum our children learn about the values that underpin our vision and philosophy. Working in an Educate Together school challenges us to think about how we lead our lives. We work to guide our children to become responsible global citizens through living our ethos and creating opportunities to activate of our values. All of our decisions are weighed against our stated vision and we challenge each other daily to meet this high standard.


Happy children are children who are learning. We work with the parents/guardians of each child to try to meet this challenge.  The best part of the job is supporting the children. The staff are wonderful and so hard working and caring. Our parents/guardians are so supportive in the ways they work with us to the benefit of their children. Parents/guardians are happy to support the daily work of the school through supporting trips/mentoring reading/working in our vegetable garden and in many more ways.


We have three committees and every member of these groups gives so generously of their time, their energy and their experience. Our Patron Committee safeguards the ethos through setting up a new Board of Management every four years, directly appointing two patron nominees to the Board and through approval of teaching staff appointments. They also work so hard to fundraise for the school. The Board of Management governs the school and ensures that the building and resources are in good order while being responsible for appointing staff and supporting decision making. Our Parent Teacher Association works with me, the staff and the Board of Management to build effective partnership between home and school.


The most important aspect of the job is ongoing communication with everyone. The best part is chatting to the children and helping them through their school years. At the end of their eight years with us we sadly and proudly watch our children graduate. Our job is to prepare them for when they move on. We are happy to say that each year we can say that they are ready for the next step. They always come back to tell us how well they are doing, more so in the first years and then, as it should be, they move on. When this happens we can say with a great sense of achievement, that, for them, our job is done. What keep us going is that we always have more new smiling faces to brighten up our working lives.


Sally McGinley

Principal of North Bay ETNS