4th Class Week 5 - Apr. 27 - May 1 -suggested work.

Welcome to Week 5. We had a great introduction to Seesaw last Thursday and Friday.

This week most of your written work will be done on Seesaw. Here is the suggested work for this week.


Jolly Grammar


3 sentences Group 1


3 sentences Group 2 on Seesaw


3 sentences Group 3 on Seesaw


Listen to spellings on Seesaw and write them down.


Jolly Grammar p.35 on Seesaw

The Secret Garden

Read the Book here

Listen to Chapter 11

Questions to come on Wednesday


Mental Maths - on Seesaw

Adding Decimals - on Seesaw

Maths Tables sentences - on Seesaw


Comhrá - cliceáil anseo.  Click here. Féach ar an bhfís - Ag Lorg Treoracha.

Watch the video - Looking for directions. Foghlaim & taifead é. Learn it and record it.

Abairtí - ag teacht ar Seesaw.

Sentences coming on Seesaw.


Small World Unit 12 Read the legend of Princess Hase of Japan pages 58 to 60. Answer questions page 61 Section A 1 - 5 - write the question and the answer. Section B 1 - 4 - write out sentence with blank filled in. Geography & Science  

Week 4  & Week 5 .

Read Small World Unit 11 - The Story of Firsts Answer the 8 questions in the Activities box on page 66 and 6 questions  on page 68.  Write the question and the answer. Project Firsts - 3 Topics [50 - 150 words each] Choose 2 of the Firsts from the chapter and write a more detailed report on them [in your copy or in your Google Docs Projects file] Choose a First of your own from Science and Technology and write a report on it. Hot History Link Finish this sentence:-  Stone Age fridges were nothing more than a ________ in the ______ Learn Together

Week 5 Last week you learned a little about Shintoism. The other main religion in Japan is Buddhism. You can read about it here. And here There will be a quiz on Friday. You can see the questions on Wednesday. Week 4  Shinto is the name of the Japanese religion that says there are spirits in rivers, mountains, rivers and forests. Read more about it here. And here. Write a short Learn Together report on it.  [50 - 150 words]