4th Class Work Week 2

Updated: Mar 28

March 23 - 27



Chapter 3            Read Chapter 3  Listen Here Write a 20 - 50 word summary of Chapter 3 Make a list of characters you meet in this chapter and say who they are.

Chapter 4                 

Read Chapter 4  Listen Here This is a long chapter. Make a list of the main things that happen in it.

Make a list of characters you meet in this chapter and say who they are.

Chapter 5           

Read Chapter 5   Listen Here

Look at the words in blue rectangles and say what you think they mean based on how they appear in the sentence.  Look them up in the online dictionary. Write in your copy:- My meaning =   Real meaning = 

JOLLY GRAMMAR   Use the word list on page 32 and then write the words that go with these definitions. - past tense of ‘fight’ - past tense of ‘bring’ - another word for should - past tense of ‘buy’ - past tense of 'think' - another word for nothing or zero. - filled with horror. - unreal as though from another world - slightly sour milky ‘drink’ sometimes spelt without  ‘h - a small boat to row or sail - sometimes made of rubber and inflatable. - imaginary spirit - small cucumber in vinegar - a large number of something or an attack. - a cause of worry - very worried and upset - past tense of catch - female child of parents - misbehaving and mischievous

Then finish page 32 and 33 of Jolly Grammar.


Mental Maths

Monday 23 - Friday 27 - pages 77 to 79


Play the Division Game here to practice your tables.[If you are playing on a tablet then tap the answer on the screen instead of using a keyboard.]

Play the Multiplication Game here to practice your tables.


Comhrá - cliceáil anseo. 

Foghlaim an comhrá - déan fís agus seol chugam é.


Scríóbh 5 abairt gach lá - write 5 sentences each day. The words in brackets are examples.

Use your own words if you want.  These online dictionaries might help. English-Irish & Irish English Dictionary English-Irish Dictionary  Dé Luain An bhfuil ... agat? Níl. Tá … agam.      X5 [píotsa; oráiste; leabhar; sceallóga; madra te; spaigití; rís; ]. Dé Máirt An bhfaca tú an ...?  Chonaic/Ní fhaca. X5 [scannán; leabhar; pictiúr, cartún; duine; cluiche; táibléad] Dé Céadaoin Is maith liom  an ... sin. Ach, ní maith liom an …. X5  [leabhar; scannán; scéal; t-amhrán; trampailín; feadóg; tolg] Déardaoin Tabhair dom ... le do thoil. X5 [mála scoile; ríomhaire; cóipleabhar; peann luaidhe] Dé hAoine Ba mhaith liom ... le do thoil. X 5 [deoch; arán; ceapaire; airgead; bainne; sos; bia]


Make a model of a Viking longship.  Send me pictures.

Geography & Science 


Finish reading Unit 10 on Italy and then do a project which mentions the following topics.

-  mountains, rivers and lakes.

-  5 important cities

-  food

-  famous artists

-  famous buildings

-  fashion names and brands

Include some maps, diagrams and photos.

If you want you can do your project in Google docs.  Just start ABOVE the Bubbles project and press ENTER  few times to move the whole thing down.

You can do it in the Corona Closure copy you were given if you prefer.


You don't have to do this section but if you're not careful you might enjoy it ... it could happen!

David Walliams Stories - Daily Link Trish The Troll Hank's Pranks I can't believe I'm giving you access to David Walliam's stories - you know how much I 'love' him. Maths Puzzles for All   PIG - this is a great game.  Try to reach 50 by rolling a die but if you roll 1 then your score goes back to zero (unless you bank it.)

Daily 24 Puzzle Try to use the digits of a car licence plate to make up the number 24. Use +, - x, ÷.

Emoji Equations

These are not hard but a good challenge.

Figure out the value of each emoji and then finish the equation/number sentence. Hand Rhythm Challenge   Can you do this?

Watch the video and try and do the pattern.

This one's a bit harder. Good luck!  

If you're enjoying rhythm you might enjoy watching this.