4th class work - Week 4

Hello my little **********! You see even when I don't say it you still hear it.

I hope you're all well and haven't missed me too much over the 'holidays'.

Below is the work for this week. Some of it you'll get done quickly and some will run on into week 5. Yes, there will be at least two more weeks before we see other in real life again ... maybe more. Here we go!

Menu of Things To Do This Week


- Chapter 10 of the Secret Garden

- Jolly Grammar p. 34

- Creative Writing 

- David Walliams story - changes daily


- Mental maths

- Number sentences

- Problem page



Abairtí & Gramadach [sentences & grammar] 


- Things Arranged Neatly

- Vermeer - 'Lady Writing A Letter'. [coming soon]


- Small World Unit 12 - The Legend of Princess Hase.

Learn Together

- Japanese religion.


- The Story of Firsts

- Project

Fun Extras Page



JOLLY GRAMMAR page 34 Monday In section one say which word means:- A reason for doing something = Special and colourful to celebrate a holiday or event = Very large = Use the online dictionary  if necessary. Write 4 connected sentences using words from section one [festive - motive] in each. Tuesday In section two say which word means:- Hard to get hold of = More than any other and ending in -er  = The size of Ciarán's brain is = Use the online dictionary if necessary. Write 4 connected sentences using words from section two [adjective - superlative] in each. Wednesday Write ONE sentence using as many words from sections one and two as you can. Do the wordsearch Thursday In section three say which word means:- Describing words all beginning with the same letter =        [Example: A black bug bit a big, black bear.] Nothing left out = Useful and helpful = Use the online dictionary if necessary.

Write 4 connected sentences using words from section three [constructive - imaginative] in each. Friday Write ONE sentence using as many words from sections one, two and three. Do the Alliterative challenge - write a sentence using the first letter of your name as often as possible. Fill in the antonyms in the boxes. Parse the sentence at the bottom of the page. The Secret Garden.   Chapter 10 p. 70 - 80.     Listen here. THE SECRET GARDEN - WHOLE BOOK HERE if you go to page 4 there is a Table of Contents and you can click on the chapter you want to read. Page 71 Ben sort of pays Mary a compliment at the bottom of the page. He says she looks better than she used to. How does he describe her when she first arrived?

Page 75 How does Dickon look the first time she sees him?

Page 80 How does Dickon describe the garden the first time he sees it? Other chapters of The Secret Garden - Click here.


Mental Maths Monday 20th - Friday 24th of April - pages 83 to 85

Number sentences - click here

Do a set each day.

Maths Problems [click here]

Do these problems over the week at your own speed.

[Rule the page in two columns like your normal maths copy.]

DAILY Play the Division Game here to practice your tables. [If you are playing on a tablet then tap the answer on the screen instead of using a keyboard.] Play the Multiplication Game here to practice your tables. Maths Puzzles for All PIG - this is a great game. Try to reach 50 by rolling a die but if you roll 1 then your score goes back to zero (unless you bank it.)


Abairtí. Open this page and fill in the blanks using the verb sheet.

Comhrá - cliceáil anseo. 

Féach ar an bhfíß Cá bhfuil Mamaí? Foghlaim & taifead é.

Watch the video Cá bhfuil Mamaí? Learn it and record it.


Small World Unit 12

Read the legend of Princess Hase of Japan pages 58 to 60.

Answer questions page 61

Section A 1 - 5 - write the question and the answer.

Section B 1 - 4 - write out sentence with blank filled in.

Hot Geography Link.

How many major islands make up the country of Japan?

What are their names?

Hot History Link

What is the name of the Japanese religion that says there are spirits in rivers, mountains, rivers and forests.

Read more about it here.

And here.

Write a short Learn Together report on it. [50 - 150 words]

Geography & Science  

Read Small World Unit 11 - The Story of Firsts Answer the 8 questions in the Activities box on page 66 and 6 questions  on page 68.  Write the question and the answer. Project Firsts - 3 Topics [50 - 150 words each] Choose 2 of the Firsts from the chapter and write a more detailed report on them [in your copy or in your Google Docs Projects file] Choose a First of your own from Science and Technology and write a report on it. Hot History Link Finish this sentence:-  Stone Age fridges were nothing more than a ________ in the ______


Things Organised Neatly

Look at these collections of pictures.


Then look for things in your house that you have a lot of and can arrange neatly in a pattern. When you've arranged them take a photo and send it to me.