A Message to Parents Regarding the Upcoming Week

Hello everyone,

Last night huge numbers of us clapped for the Health Care workers on the front line of this emergency to show our appreciation of the work they are doing. Today, let us applaud parents who have been trying so hard to support their children's anxiety over this current situation. The advice that is commonly given is to avoid focusing too much on the global situation and to focus, where possible, on what we can achieve ourselves.

What can we do? We can adhere to social distancing when we leave our homes, we can take exercise to boost our physical and mental health and, we can wash our hands and avoid touching our faces. Together we can flatten the curve.

The other advice we are given is to set up and keep to a routine. Teachers gave children work for the first nine days that the school was closed. The circumstances in every home are different. We hope that you have been able to establish a routine for the children to do some schoolwork every weekday. The time a family can give to supporting children varies depending on whether parents are working from home, out in the workforce or have to care for loved ones. In some families it may be all three of those. We want to be sensitive to your situation and needs.

You will know that schools have now been closed for a further week to be followed by the Easter break. Over the next days teachers will be posting work for the five days. This will be posted in the appropriate class section on the website. We will also be looking at what is being done in the RTE classroom that is due to start from next Monday. If the situation continues after the Easter break, we will be looking at how we can provide additional support.

Please keep well and look after yourselves in this challenging time. We will help you support your children's learning but we do not want to add to your anxiety.

Take care,

North Bay staff.