Another busy week in Second Class

We had a look at how much water we use on a daily basis having showers, brushing our teeth, washing dishes, washing clothes, washing cars and watering our gardens.

We looked at how much water we waste and discussed the ways that we can conserve this valuable resource.

We investigated how and why objects float and sink in water. We tested a mandarin orange and a banana in a bowl of water.

Mandarin orange with peel on floats....

When we took off the skin/peel the orange sank...

We checked to see if the peel would float and it did. We tested a banana in the same way.

Abigail constructed a boat that floats and she checked out ways the boat might sink.

We listened to George Frederick Handel's 'Water Music' and talked about what pictures we saw in our imagination. We painted our responses to this lovely piece of music.