Bring Me Sunshine!( June 22nd - 26th )

Well that didn't happen for us unfortunately but it doesn't mean that each and everyone one of you wonderful children from Second Class have not made the transition from the Junior end of school to the Senior end of the school.

You will have a fabulous summer holiday and will make your way to 3rd Class in September.

Some of you have told me about your family celebrations to mark your Growing Up Day.

Some of you will celebrate the day soon in your own way with your families.

Whatever way you celebrate it and whenever you celebrate it is entirely up to you and your family.

For my part I will make small deliveries to you on Monday 29th June.

This will include your sunflower, your certificate, your Memory Book and a few treats.

Over the last few years Sarah and Sophie have filmed the children in my classes - recording their thanks to their parents. Sylwia, Julia's mum volunteered to ask parents to do this for me. Thank you Sylwia. I received a lovely film from her on Friday.

It was so nice that I thought that I would ask parents and children who haven't made a video if they would do so in the next few days. It would make a lovely momento. If it happens that would be great. If not that will be fine as well.

I would like to say how much I have enjoyed teaching all of you during the year. It is a pity that it was cut short. I would like to thank all of your parents and yourselves for working so hard over the year and especially during the last few strange months.

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday, full of joy and fun and hopefully some summer sun!

And oh yes the last bit of suggested work is here!!!

Have a Happy Summer!!