Covid 19 Response Plan for North Bay ETNS

Hello everyone,

We are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. A lot of work has gone into preparing the school so that everyone can return safely. Thank you to everyone who helped. The Department of Education provided us with a lot of information that had to be read, discussed and applied to our school. All of that takes time. The North Bay ETNS Covid Response Plan outlines everything we decided and the Newsletter and the one-page School Re-Opening document are handy reminders of what is in the plan. The plan contains a one-page policy document that confirms that we have followed all guidance. Alex Nesbitt, Board of Management chairperson, and I have signed a copy of the NBETNS Covid 19 Response Policy and it will be on display throughout the school. All of the steps that are needed to re-open the school have been taken. Over time as we receive new information, we will update the three documents. You may have noticed that we added advice re travel to the newsletter.

We are looking forward to having the children with us from tomorrow. There will be some changes to how the school and classrooms look. The staff has worked very hard to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible. The school will need to be kept well ventilated so the children will need to dress warmly. 

Get a good night's sleep and we'll see you in the morning.


Click here to view the Covid 19 Response Plan for North Bay ETNS

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