Growing Up Day

North Bay’s Growing Up Day

For many years we have held Growing Up Day toward the end of second class and we want to continue that tradition in this new reality. In September we will try to have a small transition ceremony if it is at all possible. We will work out the detail at that time.

If it is possible for you to plan a family day of celebration, between now and the end of June, it would be wonderful. Kathleen is continuing to work with the children, remotely, on the sunflowers, butterflies, artwork, and memory books. She plans to drop those to homes toward the end of June. You can celebrate now or then. It is your choice.

Below we explain the meaning and background to Growing Up Day and how we will keep it alive in 2020. Kathleen will continue to work through Seesaw, over the next number of weeks, to try to make it as special a time as possible for the children.

What is North Bay’s Growing Up Day?

This special celebration marks the transition of the children from the junior section of the school to the senior section. It is a rite of passage for the children in Second Class. They look back on their development and progress to date and, look forward to the coming years as mature, independent children. In the senior school, they will accept responsibility for themselves. They will also be given more responsibility around the school and at home.

What preparation is done?

It usually takes several weeks to prepare the children and to create a welcoming display in the hall. The children get involved in lots of activities; writing their memory booklets, planting sunflower seeds, and watching them grow, learning special songs, and watching the Lifecycle of real Butterflies in the classroom. They watch the larvae grow and transform, to caterpillar, to chrysalis, and then to the beautiful butterflies, in the classroom, just in time for the special day. All this is an extremely exciting and enjoyable learning experience for the children. After the special day, the butterflies are released outside.

What happens on Growing Up Day?

The hall is decorated, families arrive to witness and experience the assembly. The children perform their songs and present their learning. In the hall we have the sunflowers, the memory books, the butterflies, and everyone gets to appreciate the occasion. Third class tell Second Class what they might expect when they are in senior end of the school.

The culmination of the assembly involves walking under a beautiful flower decorated arch which symbolises their move from the junior end of the school to the senior end. On the other side of the arch they receive a certificate from Sally, marking their transition to the senior school. It is a lovely day and is enjoyed by all. The children leave with their families to continue their special day.

What is happening in 2020?

Kathleen has planted a sunflower seed for each child and has received the butterfly larvae which she is looking after at home. She uploaded photos on the website last week and will continue to send more photos and short video clips to the children. Writing of memories is part of the Seesaw work over the coming weeks. The words of songs are in the book packs and they will be learned; the music will be uploaded. Art ideas will be included in the next few weeks also. The making of a butterfly, a sunflower and a balloon collage are some of the art ideas that will be suggested.

Kathleen is collecting memories from each child on Seesaw and plans to put together a booklet for the children. She will deliver their booklets, sunflowers, and certificates to the children in late June. She will be in touch through Seesaw and perhaps you, and your families can do something special on that day.

We wish all the children the happiest of Growing Up Days.

Kathleen , Sally and all the North Bay staff.