Learning Support Suggestions

This is a very difficult time for everyone. We are learning to live in a strange new world. Please remember that your wellbeing and that of your children are the most important things at the moment. We don’t want to put any families under pressure to complete schoolwork but wanted to give some further resources for those that would like to use them.

We are very happy for you to continue the work given to you by your class teachers. Children using the SNIP spelling programme and the Toe by Toe programme should continue on with those. Children who were given readers should also continue to read daily. In most cases, your child should also be able to do the classwork assigned by class teachers.

Your children are currently reading books from the Oxford Tree series and if you sign up on the Oxford Owls website, you can access free e-books for your child to read. Look at the level on the back of your child’s reader and select a book at the same level. A link has been added below.

Some children have been given Maths packs which they can continue to work on at home. Areas of Maths that can be readily practised at home are in the area of Measure. Telling the time is a skill which many children find challenging. Children at home could practise reading analogue and digital clocks, using a calendar, creating timetables for each day etc. Your child could make a clock using a paper plate and a split pin to secure the hands. Weight can be practised when baking if children are given the task of reading recipes and weighing out the ingredients. Maths can be fun!

Board games and card games give opportunities to practise social skills such as turn taking and listening to others, mathematical and language skills. They are also fun. Homemade playdough is great for practising fine motor skills and can be made using everyday ingredients. There are lots of recipes available online.

Above all, please look after yourselves and your children. Take time to enjoy your time together.

Looking forward to seeing you back in school soon.

Louise, Eithne, Margaret, Aoife and Maev.


These websites are all free to access but you may need to register/set up an account.

Click on the links below to access the websites.


Oxford Owl ebooks

You can sign up for free. Choose appropriate leveled readers from a collection of ebooks from Oxford Levels.


Textbooks available for use by parents at home. Again, you can sign up for free and use their English readers.

Raz-Kids: Reading A-Z

Leveled ebooks and e-quizzes for interactive reading practice. It includes digital and mobile access and 29 different reading levels! Free Offer Details: They are currently offering a free 90-day trial.


Library of kids’ favourite picture books that come to life through animation. The books are read aloud and the words are on the screen. There are NO ads so you can be sure students are getting safe screen time. Free Offer Details: Books is offering a FREE year.

Audible (for kids)

Collection of audio books. The website has the books broken down by age level from baby-13 years. You can also browse and listen to books according to categories such as award winners, best sellers, books in a series, and celebrity narrators. Free Offer Details: Currently, all stories for kids are free to stream on desktop, laptops, phones, or tablets. These audiobooks are available in 6 different languages. No sign-up or personal information is required, it’s totally FREE!

Storyline Online

Streams videos featuring celebrities reading books aloud. Free Offer Details: This website is always free and runs on donations. There is no login required.

Twinkl Newsroom

Child and Curriculum friendly resources:

Download the daily newspack for reading comprehensions with activities

- parent plan attached

- different levels guided by age groups

- additional activities with some nice art ideas


Games, maths practice, videos, and books for kids. Books are marked with grade levels but are not read aloud. It includes both books original to Funbrain, as well as mainstream popular picture and chapter books. Funbrain is always free.


Educational website with free audio stories for kids. Stories include original books, fairy tales, classic authors, poems, and songs/nursery rhymes. The text of the story is on display as it is read, but the books/images are not animated: Storynory is always free.


Dolch word lists, phrases, worksheets and activities

Dance Mat Typing

Keyboard skills


Fun games for spellings, grammar, maths and themed games for Easter time!

Fingal Libraries ebooks

Oxford audio books



If you click on the sample activity page, there is a game to practise tables. It cannot be used on a tablet as you need to access flash.


Maths games to practise and consolidate skills:


National Geographic Young Explorer (Voyager Magazine)

Children can listen to the magazine being read to them as they follow along with the highlighted text