Learning Support Update

Hi everyone,

We hope that everyone is well and that you are enjoying the good weather that we’ve been having over the last few weeks. We also hope that you were able to enjoy the Easter break even though it was very different from what we are used to.

As you know, we put a lot of ideas in the last update, suggestions of activities you could do, websites you could access etc. There is a huge amount of material listed. We hope that some of it has been helpful to you. We suggest that you should continue to select whatever areas your child needs practice in, or enjoys doing.

We are aware that your children are completing work for their class teachers and we do not wish to put additional pressure on you or them. The most important thing is that you and your children are happy and healthy. We suggest that you establish a routine for yourself and your child and try to stick to it whenever possible. We suggest that your child might watch the School Hub on RTE every day as it is child friendly and well presented. It may also help parents as it will educate your child in a fun way and may give you some time to catch up on other things without feeling guilty about screen-time. We know that all families are under pressure: minding small babies/toddlers, trying to teach those of school-going age, working from home, caring for elderly relatives etc. As a staff, we understand that every situation is different and that every family must find the solution that suits them best.

You may find that your child is anxious or worried about the Corona virus. Nosy Crow is a storybook about Covid 19/Corona virus that has been illustrated by the famous illustrator of 'The Gruffalo'. This book addresses many of the questions that your children may be asking you, in a child friendly way.

Earth Day and the celebration of all things nature related is this week and the Irish Wildlife Trust have launched a Wildlife art competition for children. It might be of interest to you. Here’s the link with all the details: Wild Art

Lastly, here are some ideas of what you could do to stay active and have some fun:

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach will continue doing 30-minute P.E. lessons Monday -Friday live on his YouTube channel at 9.00am every morning for the next few weeks – a great way to start each day if you have time in the mornings.


Parents can put GoNoodle on their phone, tablet, TV or computer. It is an excellent resource, especially on wet days or for a break during work e.g. In between 2 subjects. Once on it there are loads of dances, workouts etc. to choose from – try to pick a new one each time!

Schools are closed until at least the 5th May and we are currently looking at the different options available to us to continue to educate and help your child over the coming weeks. We will be in contact with you soon.

Take care of yourselves,

Louise, Eithne, Margaret, Maev & Aoife.