Our Protocol for Returning to School Following Absence/ Covid-19 Testing

What is our protocol for return to school following absence/testing?

If a child has symptoms that lead to absence or a referral for a Covid 19 test, parents/guardians are asked to agree:

• Not to send the child/children to school if they are unwell or show any of the following symptoms - high temperature, cough, breathing difficulties or a loss of taste or smell. A child can be unwell even though they have tested negative for Covid 19.

• Complete the Return to School form before the child/children return to school. It is available through this link:


• Inform the class teacher, by email, and office@northbay.ie, of the upcoming absence/test. (Teachers have texted their individual email addresses).

• Keep the child/children at home until the symptoms that led to the test have eased even if the test result is negative. Please do not send sick children to school.

• Inform the class teacher, by email, and office@northbay.ie, if the test result is negative, before returning the child/children to school. Please copy the test results in the email.

• If the test result is positive, follow HSE guidance.

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