School Closure Work Plan

Hi everyone, I am going to make a list of work your child can cover over this period. It is probably best to do a little each day rather than trying to do too much in one go.

I am including work that we normally do as I am a great believer in routine.

Your child has their homework copy and Mental Maths book. They also have their Handwriting Today book. Their spelling lists are in their folders. I have given them an extra copybook which they are very keen to use to write their own stories or keep a journal during this time.

1. Spellings- Learn and write in homework copy each day. They can put each spelling into a sentence.

Group 1 - Block 23 and 24.

Group 2 - Finish Block 1 (8 spellings),Block 2(all spellings)

2. Mental Maths Week 23 and 24. Complete Friday reviews each week.

3. Book Review.We completed one of these during World Book Week last week. The children chose a book that they have read and name the author and illustrator. They write a short summary of the story and say if they would recommend the book to a friend. They can use the sheet provided or write in their homework copy. Obviously I recommend that the children read for a half hour each day at least and talk about what they have read.

4. A movie review. We didn't talk about this but the children could easily write a review about a movie of their choice or a movie that they will watch during this time.

5. Handwriting -Complete pages 40 -45. The children know to use a sharp pencil and sit at a table when they are doing this work.

6. At the beginning of the week I gave the children a choice of 3 history projects to complete. They were very enthusiastic about this and a lot of children had made de isions about which project they would do. I would like your child to complete that project during this time. If they have finished they can start one of the others on the sheet or start a project on a topic of their own choosing.

7. I have given the children some colouring sheets. I would recommend that they do some colouring, some painting or some other art if at all possible.

I believe that has free access for parents for the next few weeks if you would like to create an account with them. There are lots of fantastic resources for all subjects on this website.

I wish you all well during this time.

Stay safe and take care, Kathleen .