School open for parents/guardians to collect books/materials on Tuesday May 12th

Hello everyone,

By now you will know that the school will continue to operate remotely until September. With that in mind, we are preparing packs of the children's books and other materials for you to collect on Tuesday May 12th. To enable staff to prepare, and to be available on Tuesday, we are setting out special activities for Monday and Tuesday in the form of Sports Days. 

In order to maintain Health & Safety through Social Distancing, we have arranged a schedule for you. Teachers will post it for you on Seesaw. The schedule is set out in families by alphabetical order. If it is possible for you to stick to the allotted slot it will assists us in keeping everyone safe. If you have difficulties with your allotted slot, please email  to request a change. We will have to respond to the requests in order of the date and time received. We have held three open slots in every 30 minute period to accommodate this. If the three spaces have been requested we will have to offer you another space. We know you will be patient for everyone's safety.

All social distancing will be set out. Entry will be by the senior gate and exit by the junior gate. If a family needs to ask another family to collect for them this is fine. In this case, please email us and let us know when the collection slot is for pick up so we can put both sets together. 

It is safest if one adult Qs for collection. If you need to bring a number of children in the car, please call us on arrival, pop the boot and we can drop out to you. If you are cocooning, we will use the same procedure. Our parking agreement with the residents of Greendale Avenue is to park on the school side of the road and to observe all rules of the road.  We know you will remember this when looking for a space.  We will prioritise Cocooners, and advance emails would help us to do this. They can drive to the gate when the collection has been arranged. 

We are looking forward to distributing these materials as it will support our remote learning. 

Enjoy the sunshine and the weekend.

Sally & the North Bay staff