Second Class Suggested Work(11th - 15th May)

Hi everyone, I hope that you are all well. I am uploading suggested work for the week. You will know at this stage that your parents can collect your books on Tuesday using the timetable that we put up on Seesaw on Friday 8th. As a result you will have the rest of your books and 2 copies as well a copy that came with the Small World book.

I have included 2 sets of worksheets for work that I will suggest over the coming weeks. I have also included words of songs which I would like to do with you over the coming weeks as well. These are songs that I would normally do for Growing Up day. I will put some information on the website about this during the week. So hold on to the song sheets.

I have included a Certificate of Merit for each of you as well as a certificate that you can use after you have completed some physical activity / exercise each day this week!!

I am uploading a copy of Jolly Grammar Spelling Sheet 31 - 36 as I believe some children have been working very hard learning at their spellings.

Have a great week. Hope to hear from you during the week. Kathleen