Seesaw- The Remote Learning App

Good morning everyone. In recent days you received a school email through the class teachers asking your permission to interact electronically with your children. Many of you have already responded and in the coming days all parents/guardians will be on board. With a large response we will go ahead and send the log in codes alongside instructions on how your child can log in to Seesaw. This is an exciting new development!  We know that families are in differing circumstances and, we understand the pressures you may feel at this time. We reviewed a variety of ways of communicating and Seesaw seemed to be the best fit for our school.  Some parents are trying to work from home using the devices they have as well as support children with their learning. Many children have siblings who may be sharing devices. Some parents are looking after very young children or caring for elderly relatives and others are essential workers.  We also understand that there may be limited access to devices or broadband. The only intention with setting up a digital learning platform is to ensure every effort is made to maximise engagement and interactivity with children and to motivate them during this time. Seesaw is an interactive platform which will enable your child to create a learning portfolio and respond to tasks which each teacher assigns to them. The teacher can then respond to your child and offer feedback and encouragement on their work. Children can choose to respond in a variety of creative ways to tasks, such as taking pictures of their work, drawing, recording videos or uploading a file which demonstrates their learning.  New items uploaded will require approval. Students cannot see each other’s work when uploaded. Families only will have access to their child’s portfolio.  Special Education teachers will also be linked into each class through Seesaw and will be able to work with the children they support. The Special Education teacher and the class teacher will work together to avoid doubling up on work for those children. Teachers will continue to upload work to the website on a weekly basis. Daily work will be shown on Seesaw. Children have some books at home and they will be used also. This will mean that not all work will require digital devices. This will also ensure that books and workbooks will continue to be put to good use. As you will know from supporting your children's learning at home, this is a new way of schooling. It is a learning curve for teachers too. You may not know that smaller primary schools do not have much IT support. We are all searching the web and learning how to approach this new reality together. Some of you will be very skilled in IT and others will be on the learning curve. Teachers are the same.  These digital skills will be a great help to all of us in the future and will be one of the great positives to come out of this time.  It will be a learning curve for all of us to work together on Seesaw. Please remember that teachers may have home circumstances which mean that their response will not be instant.  Initially you can expect that the teacher will respond a few times per week to each child. As we all build capacity and skill we will work together in a way that we hope meets the varying needs of all our families. Sally & the North Bay staff. ReplyReply allForward