Some updates for everyone

Hi everyone, 

We hope everything is going well for you as the school year moves on. The staff is working very hard to keep everyone safe and to keep school as normal as possible for all the children. There are a lot of things we have had to examine and approach differently, and then, when we think we have a workable idea, the level changes and off we go again.

Before I begin, I'd like to thank and praise our parents/guardians for working with us over the last months throughout a fluctuating period of change. We have always had enormous support from our parent body and this year is no different, even though it is from outside the gate!

Covid 19: Some of our children have been telling us that they are going on Playdates and Sleepovers. The school only has an advisory role in such matters. However, our advice is that in the higher restrictions, 3-5, it is not wise to do so.  We'd like to remind you to re-read our material in the Covid 19 section, especially if your child has any of the common or less common symptoms. It is important to make use of the free GP calls when your child presents with symptoms and to go for a test if recommended. Remember please to send us a screenshot of the test outcome by email to the teacher & to Please also remember that children should not be returned to school for 48 hours after a negative C19 test, or until symptoms have subsided. When sick for other reasons, they should not be sent to school until well.

Curriculum Meetings:  The staff has discussed a variety of solutions and have come up with the idea of doing a voice over presentation to cover the usual school routines and how they are playing out this year. You will be sent a link to your child's presentation during the week of November 23rd 2020. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all staff who have made enormous changes to how 'things are done', be it in terms of day-to-day management or in terms of technology. Well done everyone.

Winter Presentations: Winter Presentations are going online this year also. They may not look exactly as we were used to but we will do our best to make them fun for everyone. You'll get a text during the week of December 14th to let you know they have been uploaded. 

One to one essential meetings: Please remember to email requesting a meeting and then send a further email to and the teacher, outlining the reason for the meeting. 

And Finally: One to one annual Parent-Guardian/Teacher meetings (PT meetings): We had a long discussion about this at our last staff meeting. We decided to move these meetings to February, this is happening in a lot of local schools. We also discussed a variety of ways of holding these meetings and finally concluded that our choice will depend on the level that NPHET and the Government decide for us in February. When we have a clear picture, we will let you know. Whatever level we are on, we will design a solution for PT meetings as they are a crucial part of our communication approach.

Please continue to take care and to stay safe-Sally.

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