Suggested Work

Hello Everyone, I hope that you are keeping well and that you enjoyed the sunshine today. You will find the suggested work for this week here.

Just to update you - the chrysalides have been very quiet all weekend. The butterflies are not ready to emerge yet. I will let you know when they do.

This week we have decided to take some time to look at Mindfulness and Well Being.

So on Thursday and Friday we will be encouraging you to listen to your favourite music, complete some art or craft activities or try out some yoga poses on Cosmic Yoga for kids on Youtube. You will remember that we learned a number of yoga poses in class during the year and worked in groups to develop our own routines.

This would be a great time for reading or continuing with your journals or diaries. I think some of you were considering starting these when we broke up from school in March.

I have included a number of art ideas in the suggested work as well as some Weaving Well Being ideas. I will add some ideas to my seesaw posts on Wednesday.

I will upload the music for The Sunflower Song here as well. I wonder if anyone is singing the songs. You might let me know.

Have a great week. I hope to hear from you during the week.

Stay safe, Kathleen