Suggested Work ideas – 30th March – 3rd April

Updated: Mar 29

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well and looking after yourselves and your families during these difficult times. Please let the children know that I miss them and look forward to seeing them soon. 😀

Here are some suggestions of activities for the next week. Please feel free to pick and choose from the list as suits you and your own schedule. There are lots of great resources being shared online - I will just share a few for this week.

Look after yourselves and I will be in touch soon.

Thanks, Clare


Lots of the literacy activities that were included in the homework packs can be used again and again. Try to do the oral language activities regularly.

Handwriting – we are moving onto the letter q Q pg. 46 – 47

Folens have offered free access to their resources during this time.

  • Register at

  • Put in your email address and make up a password

  • For the school roll number use: Prim20

  • They will send you a link to register, when you first sign in choose teacher/Senior Infants

  • Here you can access all their books.

  • The book I will direct you to this week is Sounds Make Words (Choose the tab - Resources) There are lots of great games here for sight words.

Maths Do 2 more pages of the small maths book for revision I am including an addition game that can be played on a laptop/tablet/phone


  • So much learning at this stage happens through play. Encourage lots of time for imaginative play each day.

  • Build a fort using blankets/sheets/towels – play with some of your toys in here

  • Play with lego, blocks or other construction toys.

  • Make jigsaws and play board games

Art: I have included two activities for this week using materials that you may have in the house. Choose one to do. The Easter characters can be made from toilet roll holders. The Easter eggs can be made using tinfoil and markers. Please see the pictures I have included for some examples.

Yoga: I have added the links for two Cosmic Kids yoga sessions. The children really enjoy these.

Please see the Learning Support page for lots of other lovely learning ideas. If your child is working on the Oxford reading series with Margaret you can find out how to continue reading online. 🌟