Suggested Work(Monday 27th April)

Hello everyone, it was lovely seeing your some of your work on Seesaw on Thursday and Friday and hearing how well you are all doing from your mums and dads.

Well done all of you.

I am posting some more work but please remember that these are just suggestions.

Perhaps you might try to do a little bit of English, Irish and Maths each day. If you want to dip into the other work as well that is fine. The School Hub on Rte 2 at 11am each day is very educational and useful. Read as much as you can and try to get some exercise. There are more ideas on the Active Home website.

Please click on this link to see the suggested work .

I will post some work/ideas on Seesaw during the week . Again it might be possible to put some of your work on this platform. If not your mum or dad can let me know what you have been doing by email if you want them to.

I realise that some children are finding it hard to access the websites. I have included some photos of the pages referred to in the suggested work. Click here to see them.

Have a good week everyone. Take good care of yourselves.

Best Wishes Kathleen.