Summertime Suggestions(2nd - 5th June)

Hello Everyone, I hope that you have all had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend.

I missed all of you over the last number of days but I am sure that you have been very busy.

I was at the allotment yesterday and am glad to say that our potatoes are growing well. They will need lots of water over the coming weeks so that we will have a good crop.

Rose will be celebrating her birthday next week on the 9th. She tells me that she is missing out on her trip to the Harry Potter Theme Park.

Such a disappointment but hopefully next year...... Happy Birthday Rose.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten that Dominick, Florence , Turloch and Ryan have birthdays to celebrate in August.

For a list of suggested activities please click here

You might also need this sheet and this page.

The butterflies have been keeping me well occupied. Just when I thought that they had given up and weren't going to hatch at all all happened! I think that some of you will have seen a short video of them.

By Saturday there were 6 colourful, fluttering butterflies wondering when they would be set free. I let them fly away on Saturday afternoon..... some of them hung around for a while not quite knowing what to do and a few stayed in my garden for at least a day.

There were still two chrysalis left...they hatched on Sunday morning. I set them free this afternoon.

I am going to upload the video link in my next post.

Have a great week everyone. I look forward to hearing from you during the week.

Best Wishes, Kathleen.