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Free divers hold their breath and go to crazy depths!

CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT THEM,under%20a%20Creative%20Commons%20license.&text=Free%20divers%20swim%20to%20extreme,nine%20minutes%2C%20and%20men%2011.

Resonance Experiment

Here is a video we watched showing the patterns that sound vibrations can make.

That Welsh song.

We've been clapping and singing and dancing to this song so some of you want to be able to listen to it at home. So here it is. Click Here.

César Manrique Fish

Manrique is a famous artist from Lanzarote. He did all sorts of art but the fish he painted were fantastic in every sense of the word. We looked at his pictures and then did some of our own. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD black and white versions that can be coloured on your computer.

Mushrooms and Toadstools

We looked at some amazing pictures of different fungi and then did these charcoal drawings.


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