Week 6 - May 5th - 8th Suggested work

Updated: May 10

Hello All and Welcome to Week 6

Thanks for all the work last week. This week as part of figuring out how to best use Seesaw I am changing how work will be corrected by trusting you. Some worksheets will have the answers attached and I am counting on you to do them without cheating. On other worksheets it’s important that your textboxes are not very small as it makes correction very slow and difficult.

I am trying not to overload you so here is a summary of what you should be working on.


There will be a Mental Maths activity each day.

There will be a Planet Maths activity on Tuesday and Thursday.

There will be a Jolly Grammar activity each day.

There will be a Gaeilge comhrá which can be sent up until Friday. Thaitin na cinn a sheol sibh chugam an tseachtain seo caite go mór liom. [I was delighted with the ones some of you sent last week.]

You have a Science report on the topic of Firsts which is due Wednesday 6th May [see Homework webpage https://sites.google.com/site/nb4thclass/homework] This was given in Week 4.

You have a History report on Japanese inventions and discoveries which can be submitted any time up until 5 pm Friday. [see Homework webpage https://sites.google.com/site/nb4thclass/homework] [You may save it as a PDF and upload to Seesaw OR you could type it in a Seesaw Note OR you could type it in your Project file in Google Docs - so many choices.

The Week Day By Day


Creative Writing task which is to be done by 5 pm Friday.

Planet Maths - Subtracting Decimals


Art Activity

Comhrá Gaeilge - due by 5 pm Friday

Dance Lesson

Science Report due.


Planet Maths - Whole Numbers as Decimals and Multiplying Decimals

Secret Garden Chapter 12


Geography activity

Catch Up Time - You have received lots of activities this week so I am giving fewer new activities on Friday.

As always the Don't Die of Boredom page will have a mix of material that hopefully will keep you interested and stimulated.

Have a great week and I look forward to reading your comments, hearing your voice messages and watching your videos [Gaeilge and Dance in particular.]