Well done to all of our pupils

Well done to all of our amazing pupils for the work that you have done over the past few weeks. We know that it hasn’t been easy but we are really proud of all the efforts you have made to work through some school work and projects in this unusual way.

Over the next two weeks as you take a break from school work we would love you to focus on doing things that make you happy. Your well-being is so important and we have made this Happiness Calendar for you to try. You can print the calendar and fill it in or draw your own creative calendar.

It would be a nice idea to fill in one suggestion per day to do something different that makes you really happy!

You have all done an amazing job!

Here are some suggestions but we are sure that you can think of lots yourself too.

  • Find a new film to watch with your family

  • Think of a new way to get an extra 15 minutes of exercise

  • Ask everyone in your family to pick their favourite song. Listen to the playlist together

  • Call or Facetime a friend

  • Think of a topic that you are interested in and research it further to find out new information

  • Practice an instrument

  • Create a piece of art

  • Spend some quiet time reading a book