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Updated: Oct 16

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Dear Parents

Over this school year your child will be asked to do work on Google Drive at home.

This will be both creative writing and project work.

Unfortunately, in the last few years Google security has made it increasingly difficult for children to log in from home. If however if a child or their parent has a gmail account then I can share their documents with them and this issue does not arise.

If you have a gmail account and are willing to share it with your child for class work then please email me from it on

If you do not have a gmail account I wonder if you would be willing to set up a gmail account for your child. More than a quarter of the class already have such an account and the higher the level of uptake the smoother the online working will be.

I know some of you may have reservations about this but it would greatly facilitate their online interaction with the school over the year if this link were established.

Next step then would be for you to send me your child’s gmail address (or yours if that is preferable). I will then share your child’s files with that email address and they will be able to access them without difficulty. (This only works with gmail addresses)

A little over half the class are now connected using these two methods. I hope you will join us soon.

I hope this proposal will be agreeable to you.

Many thanks


PS - If you would prefer I can set up the gmail account and send you the details.


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