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Hospice & PTA Coffee Morning

Well done to everyone for organising and attending our coffee morning in aid of the wonderful work done in Hospices. Our coffee morning had a dual purpose of fundraising and providing a welcome to parents from the PTA. It was a wonderful opportunity for new and current parents to come together for a chat and is a great start both to our weekend and to our year. €157.70 was raised for a really worthy cause. Well done to volunteers and coffee drinkers alike!

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Hospice & PTA Coffee Morning This Friday!



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Measles Outbreak

The HSE has asked the Department of Education to circulate to Principals of recognised schools the latest news item on Measles. The management bodies have been informed. The information can be accessed from the HPSC website at,15795,en.html
This link gives an update on the Measles outbreak. It talks about the importance of MMR and going to school. It also mentions the older child who might have missed MMR vaccination.

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Curriculum Meetings 16/17

Curriculum Meeting Timetable 16/17

Date Time Teacher Class Venue for meeting
Monday September  19th   12.45 Clare Junior Infants Junior Infant classroom
Tuesday September 20th   12.45 Sophie Senior Infants Senior Infant Classroom
Monday September 19th 13.45 Louise First 1st Class Classroom
Tuesday September  20th   13.45 Ríona Second 2nd Class Classroom
Wednesday  September 21st   13.45 Kathleen Third 3rd Class Classroom
Wednesday  September 21st   13.45 Eimear Fourth 4th Class Classroom
Thursday September 22nd 13.45 Ciaran Fifth 5th Class Classroom
Thursday September 22nd 13.45 Sarah Sixth 6th Class Classroom


Curriculum Meetings are taking place in the school during the week starting September 19th .

These are adult meetings so, smaller children need to be looked after elsewhere for the duration. The meetings cover general topics so individual questions cannot be answered. Teachers will outline some of the material that will be covered this year and how their class is organised. Parents tell us that they find these meetings very useful. Thank you to the teachers for putting so much into the preparation and presentation of each meeting.

Individual Parent-Guardian/Teacher meetings: Each family will get a formal opportunity to meet with each teacher individually in November to discuss your own child’s progress.

In the meantime, if you have a concern, you are always welcome in North Bay. If it is a small matter, drop in at the end of the day or in the morning; otherwise please make an appointment with your class teacher so that we can arrange supervision and so that the teacher can give you her/his full attention.



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A number of our local residents have been in contact with the school about parking again this year. Parent have been seen parking illegally including parking on corners!!! Below are a few reminders of the rules of parking:

Firstly unless parking spaces are clearly marked no vehicle should park within 5 meters of a junction. There are also a number of associated rules some of the more relevant ones are set out below for your information;

• Do not park where there are white or yellow zig-zag lines
• Wholly or partially on a zebra crossing
• 15 meters before or 5 meters after a pedestrian crossing
• Must never park at a corner, bend or brow of a hill
• Do not park anywhere that obstructs view of a school warden or a member of the junior warden service

In all cases drivers must not park in anyway which interferes with the normal flow of traffic, or which obstructs or endangers other road users.

Further information on safe parking and parking restrictions is available from Section 10 of the Rules Of The Road (version 4).
Please be respectful of other road users and remember that our first responsibility is to keep our children safe.


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School Year 2016-2017

Hi all, We hope you had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to the new school year. Reminder: School opens for children on August 31st at 08.40.

You will probably have bought your school books by now but in case you have lost the list that was sent with the end of year report it is below:

Booklist 2016-2017

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