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North Bay Table Quiz

Title: North Bay Table Quiz
Location: Bayside Inn
Description: This is our first fundraising event of the school year. This event is to welcome all new parents and launch our new website. Funds raised will go towards the cost of the new website. Maire and Ger will be hosting this event as usual, so mark that date in your diary. Table of 4 costs €20 and an idividual ticket costs €5. (We will put tables together on the night.) Call Liam to book your tickets or e-mail the patron committee.

Start Time: 08:30
Date: 2010-10-15

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6th Class

Well it’s nearly over for this year’s 6th class.  They held a fantastic graduation ceremony on Thursday night during which there were not one, not two but three dance routines, choreographed by the students themselves.  Their memories of the school and affirmations of each other were very moving and each student gave out a letter they had written to their parents.  After the ceremony there was a magnificent spread of food provided by the parents.

Around the hall was some of the fantastic art work they’ve done over the year and also an Andy Warhol inspired display using photos of themselves.  You can view the original black and white photos here.

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5th Class

Parent Teacher meetings last week – many thanks to all who came along.  I  found it great to meet you and compare notes as well as having the chance to update you on your child’s progress .  I feel well equipped for the rest of the year ahead.  Thank you for your support.



Here's a spooky picture we took earlier this year

Homework Page – check what needs to be done each night.

Daily Updated Pages.

Our video for Friendship Fortnight is well worth a look.

You can email Ciarán here.

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4th Class

Click here for our day to day pages.

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3rd Class

Welcome to the 3rd Class section of the website.

For some educational games CLICK HERE

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2nd Class

Welcome to the 2nd Class section of the website.


Click here to visit our day to day webpages.


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1st Class

Welcome to the 1st Class section of the website.


Here you can see our day to day webpages.

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