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Seachtain na Gaeilge – GaeilgeCam

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International Women’s Day

Here is the presentation on The Suffragettes

Here is a video of Emily Davison’s unfortunate end.



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Harvest Festival

Before the Midterm Break 6th Class celebrated the Harvest Festival by having an assembly for all the children in the school. They talked about what the Harvest Festival is and how it is celebrated all around the world. They also learned about the United Nations Millennium Development Goals with focus on Number 2; to achieve universal primary education for all children.

6th Class also organised a cake sale, which was very successful. Thank you for all your support. The funds are going towards ACJ Primary School in South Africa and to the Capuchin Day Centre for homeless people in Dublin.

Below are some pictures from our assembly and from the cake sale. It was a very enjoyable day for all!



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Poetry Recitation Competition

Here are the poems for this year’s competition so get learning.

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Summer Scribbles

Here is the Summer edition of Scribbles 2016



Here are some links parents might find useful.

You Can Talk To Me           Going Forward Together

Busy Bodies  - a guide to puberty.        The SPHE Curriculum

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I Am David

Here are the three parts of the video I Am David that we prepared for Kaleidoscope 2016

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Parent-Guardian Teacher meetings 15-16 G K W

Hello Everyone
This year’s individual parent teacher meetings have been scheduled for Wednesday November 25th and Thursday November 26th. These meetings are for all classes from Senior Infants to 6th class. Junior Infant meetings will take place in February when the children have settled into school. Infant children will go home as normal on these days and children from 1st to 6th will go home at 14.05 on both of these days.

These professional meetings are for adults. It is important, therefore that children, especially pre-school children, are taken care of outside of school for the duration.

You will receive a time allocation of 10 minutes. Please try to be  on time and to schedule a future meeting if more time is needed to discuss specific concerns. As always, we are happy to meet with and involve parents in the life of our school. If, throughout the year, you need to pass on information about a small matter, you are welcome to mention it from 08.40-08.50 in the morning or directly after school on collection. If you need to schedule a longer meeting please talk to Judy and she will help you arrange it.
We are looking forward to seeing all of you.

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