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Trócaire Poetry Competition Winners

Three winners in North Bay

We were delighted that three of our students in 4th class were awarded places in this nationwide competition. Jude Rogers came first overall with his poem, ‘Love Conquers Fear’, Abbey Lin and Fionn McGibney were runners up with their poems ‘The Fox’ and ‘Forgiveness’. This was a fantastic outcome! Well done to our three winners and to all of the children who put so much effort into their creative endeavours. Here are the poems  and some photos from the Awards Ceremony.

Love Conquers Fear   
[click to watch video]

I feel the prickly snake
and hear the roar of death,
I see the black hole
and feel the fiery heart of fear.

I run and run and run,
I run into the morning,
into the fluffy fur
of my golden dog.

Love licks my hand,
nudges my leg.
love lies beside me,
richness and confidence,
I feel love inside.




The Fox 
[click to watch video]

Fear looks like
four prowling paws,
a small sniffing snout,

black eyes that are dull
and hungry.
It lurks in the street
hunting for food, hunting for hope.

Love grows
in the heart of the earth.
When the fox catches
the scent of love it changes,

it grows new fur,
fluffy as a cloud
spread over the fox.

Love gives the fox
food and safety.
when love touches it,
the fox fills with kindness


[click to watch video]

I hear the cry of fear.
Love, get ready for battle,

Love will throw
fear back to its den.

I feel fear upon us all,
it captures us, treats us like a ragdoll.

I taste victory for love,
I see shame for fear.

What love says touches my heart.
Fear, I forgive you.



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RDS Science Fair

5th class had a fantastic day at the RDS Science Fair on Sat Jan 13th.

We got great feedback from the judges and Paul Roe of Educate Together came and visited us.  He spent a long time talking with our gang and seemed really impressed with the work we had done. 

Huge thanks to all the parents for their support with lifts and supervision.  A great event, well worth the effort.


Here we are the week before testing the whole school for colour blindness using a simple activity we created in Scratch.


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North Bay Tea Towels Have Arrived!

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Parent-Guardian Teacher meetings 15-16 G K W

Hello Everyone
This year’s individual parent teacher meetings have been scheduled for Wednesday November 25th and Thursday November 26th. These meetings are for all classes from Senior Infants to 6th class. Junior Infant meetings will take place in February when the children have settled into school. Infant children will go home as normal on these days and children from 1st to 6th will go home at 14.05 on both of these days.

These professional meetings are for adults. It is important, therefore that children, especially pre-school children, are taken care of outside of school for the duration.

You will receive a time allocation of 10 minutes. Please try to be  on time and to schedule a future meeting if more time is needed to discuss specific concerns. As always, we are happy to meet with and involve parents in the life of our school. If, throughout the year, you need to pass on information about a small matter, you are welcome to mention it from 08.40-08.50 in the morning or directly after school on collection. If you need to schedule a longer meeting please talk to Judy and she will help you arrange it.
We are looking forward to seeing all of you.

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Farewell 6th class

Here we see our soon departing 6th class enjoying the weather in our recently installed outdoor classroom.  You can see photos of their graduation night here.

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Strictly speaking …

Eimear Kelly, our Snr. Infants teacher,is taking part in Strictly Come Dancing in aid of The Fingal (Malahide) Branch of the Dyslexia Association of Ireland. It was established by parents of children with Dyslexia.  The workshop is open to children who have a diagnosis of dyslexia including children from North Bay ETNS.  The weekly after school workshop is held on Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 8pm in St. Oliver Plunkett NS, Grove Road, Malahide, Co. Dublin and some of our children attended there in recent years.   Further information about the workshop can be had HERE

The big night is in the Wright Venue on Sat 8th of March.

Eimear is asking for your support by….

  • going along on the night to support (laugh at/along with)
  • purchasing a ticket for €20 (drop into the Senior Infants room 3 on the ground floor). She would be really grateful for the support/sponsorship.

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