Ethos of North Bay

- A child centered approach to education

- Co-education and committed to encouraging all children to explore their full range of interests and opportunities

- Multi-denominational i.e. all children having equal rights of access to the school and the social cultural and religious background of each child to be equally respected

- Run by management committees which would be predominantly democratic in character.


The Ethical Core Curriculum supports and implements the guiding principles of the school by covering a wide range of religious, moral, social and ethical issues, with no specific emphasis on any one religion.

It deals with education for and about personal and social development; sex; and relationships. These issues are dealt with in a sensitive manner appropriate to children of all religions as well as those from a non-religious background.

The knowledge and attitudes which the children derive from either their own religious or non-religious philosophies and beliefs are a significant recource which may be drawn on during ethical core curriculum classes.


  • To give children a basic sense of personal, social, ethical and moral standards.
  • To implement the multi-denominational principle of the school through a critical appreciation of all cultures and religious beliefs, in a spirit of enquiry and mutual respect.
  • To promote equality amongst people regardless of gender, class, ethnicity, ability or lifestyle.
  • To encourage the development of the individual through the promotion of a healthy sense of self and an ability to express emotions.
  • To create an understanding of the human mind and body. This includes appropriate sex education
  • To encourage initiative, independence, critical thinking and creativity.
  • To help children face up to adversity in life.
  • To provide the children with peaceful strategies for conflict resolution.
  • To foster an awareness of each person’s responsibilities, with due regard to the rights and needs of others, within small groups, such as the family, the school, the local community and also within the Irish, European and global contexts.
  • To provide a critical understanding of social and political structures and group influences.
  • To promote a critical awareness of the mass media through explorations of IMAGES, bias and consumerism. Particular attention should be focused on stereotypical IMAGES of gender, race and class and IMAGES of the developing countries.
  • To instill a sense of respect for, and appreciation of, the environment which we all share and to take an active role in conservation.

The Core Curriculum is supported by a library of Educational materials which have been purchased by the school.

The materials have been chosen to embody the aims of the Curriculum and to facilitate its implementation. Anyone who is Interested can view them in the school.