After School Club Policy

After-school Activities and After-school Activities Supervision Policy

This Policy was revised by the PTA and the Board of Management in October 2016. For all children wishing to take part in after-school activities, this policy must be signed by children and parents.

Download a printable copy of the Policy here: ASAPolicyUpdatedPTAOct2016.

General Guidelines

  1.  The school’s Code of Positive Behaviour applies in all after-school activities.
  2. Activities will not take place behind a closed door unless run by a registered primary teacher.
  3. Children taking part in after-school activities need to remain within the school building and be supervised until collected.
  4. A supervision rota will be drawn up. A parent/guardian of each child attending the after-school club is required to supervise one or more sessions. If the parent/guardian cannot supervise at a given date, it is their responsibility to arrange to swap their duty with another parent/guardian on the supervision list.  They also must inform the club coordinator of this change.
  5. For Health and Safety reasons, parents/guardians of children attending after-school clubs need to provide their up-to-date contact details. No child will be allowed attend a club unless this information is furnished.
  6. In order to ensure equality of access for all children to after-school activities, any child that has a designated Special Needs Assistant during school hours will require the same level of support for any after-school activities. This support must be provided by the parent/guardian or other designated adult.
  7. If an activity is cancelled, parents/guardians will be notified by the coordinator and must make necessary arrangements for collection. Please note the school office has no role in coordinating activities, so please do not ring the school office in this event.

The Role of Coordinators

  • Ÿ To organise and coordinate the after school club.
  • To confirm the allocation of places to parents/guardians.
  • ŸTo collect signed policy documents from the parents/guardians and retain with the attendance log and contact details for the class.
  • ŸTo organise the parents/guardians as supervisors for the club dates.
  • ŸTo be the overall point of contact between the parents/guardians and the club teacher.
  • ŸTo notify parents if an activity is cancelled so that they can arrange for their children to be collected.
  • ŸTo reinforce the responsibilities involved in parent supervision and to take action when repeated disruptive behaviour is reported by parent supervisors.

The Role of Supervisors

For after-school clubs held on school premises, parent supervisors need to:

  • Be at the location of the club from 2.20pm, and be present in the room with the teacher for the purpose of ensuring that the Code of Positive Behaviour is applied for the entire duration for the club. Remain in the room to assist with the class and tidy up if needed.
  • Take a roll call at the start of the activity. Only children enrolled in the activity may remain as supervision is only provided for enrolled children who have accepted the terms of this policy. A folder with the list of enrolled children with contact details will be provided. Notify the parent/guardian if a child is absent without an explanation.
  • ŸEnsure, with the activity teacher, that children follow the Code of Positive Behaviour. In the event of disruptive behaviour, take the following steps:
  1. In the first instance give the child a verbal warning (i.e. a reminder of the rule he/she has broken).
  2. If there is a second instance of misbehaviour, remove the child from the activity for an age appropriate number of minutes. In this instance notify the Coordinator.
  3. If there is a third or serious instance of misbehaviour, call the child’s parents for immediate collection.
  • Children going to the bathroom need to ask permission and report back when returning.
  • Contact the parents/guardians immediately if the child leaves the club without permission.
  • Contact the parents/guardians if the child is unwell during the club.
  • Keep the uncollected children in the building and wait until all children are collected.
  • Ensure that children leave the school premises safely at the end of the club.
  • Return the folder to the designated area.

For after school clubs held off the school premises, (i.e. basketball) supervisors need to:

  • Accompany the children to appropriate centre.
  • Be present until all children are collected at the end of the club.
  • Be aware that the Code of Positive Behaviour applies whether on or off the premises.

The Role of Parents

  • To be available to contact by the supervisors. To provide details where they or a designated adult can be contacted during the after-school activity should the need arise.
  • To only enrol their children in activities which they are interested in attending. After-school activities should be fun for all the children involved. It is therefore important that the children themselves want to be there.  Where children consistently show that they are not interested in the activity or in joining in with the group, or are being disruptive, parents will be advised. Parents may be asked that their child take a break from the activity, or no longer attend. The Coordinator of the after-school activity will normally make this contact. The school principal will be advised of any serious or ongoing disruptions and will support the PTA in taking action.
  • To notify the Coordinator if the child will be absent from the club on any day.
  • To collect the child on time at the end of the club.
  • To notify the after-school club Coordinator in writing if the child is allowed to walk home; this information will be kept with the club folder.

Guidelines for Children

  • Please go directly from your classroom to your activity. If you are going to activities outside the school, please sit quietly while waiting to be picked up.
  • You are expected to follow the Code of Positive Behaviour, which is based on mutual respect for oneself and others.
  • If you behave in a disruptive way, the supervisor may give you a verbal warning, or ask you to sit out of the activity, or they may tell your parents.
  • If your behaviour continues to be disruptive over a number of classes, you may be asked to take a break or leave the activity.
  • You are not allowed to leave the classroom during the club unless you have to go to the bathroom.
  • You must wait within the school building, or at the location of the club, to be collected – unless you have written permission to make your own way home.

Updated October 2016


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