PTA Meetings

PTA Committee meetings are usually held in the evenings, once or twice per term. It is open to any parent / guardian to join the PTA committee and we are always looking for new volunteers. Nominations for the PTA Committee are formally taken at the AGM, which takes place in October.

We also run occasional coffee mornings, which have been a great success in helping parents/guardians get to know each other and keep in touch.

If you are interested in joining the PTA committee, or in finding out more,  please contact


Minutes of PTA Committee Meeting June 2017

Minutes of PTA Committee Meeting March 2017

Minutes of PTA Committee Meeting January 2017

Minutes of PTA Committee Meeting November 2017

Minutes of PTA Committee Meeting October 2016

The Annual General Meeting of the PTA was held on Thursday 29th September 2016. At this meeting a report was provided on activities in 2015-16, and the Committee for the 2016-17 school year was elected.

PTA Minutes April 2016

PTA Minutes Jan 13 2016

In May 2015, Tara Killen gave an excellent talk on mindfulness – contact details and resources   here.


PTA Minutes April 2015.

PTA Minutes January 2015

PTA Minutes September 2014

PTA Minutes June 2014

AGM – 5th March 2014

PTA Minutes January 2014

PTA Minutes 5th December 2013

PTA Minutes 21st OCTOBER 2013

PTA Minutes 11th September 2013


PTA MINUTES 13th May 2013
PTA MINUTES 8th April 2013
PTA MINUTES 30th January 2013
PTA MINUTES 22nd November 2012
P T A MINUTES 17th October 2012

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