The Project – 20 years on…

The Project today continues to work as it did all those 20 years ago when it was initially set up.

All parents are welcome and encouraged to join the project to support its aims and work as laid out in the Articles and memorandum of Association of the North Bay National School Project.

11 parents elected yearly at the Patron AGM which is usually held around May of each year, form what is now called the Patron Committee (this used to be called the Executive Committee).

Members of this committee become directors of the North Bay National School Project, which is a Limited Company by guarantee with no share capital (Click here to see details of the current committee and directors).

Click here to download the NBNSP Membership Form Sept 2010

Our Patron is recognised by the DOES and we receive communication from the DOES at intervals.

North Bay National School Project is also registered as a charity with CHY number 10324.

This Patron is responsible for Fundraising as well as being guardian of the Ethos of the School.

North Bay is an ordinary State run National School in accordance with the rules of the DOES. The principal and teachers are employed by the school and their salaries are paid by the DOES. The school receives an annual capitation grant from the Department to help defray the cost of running the school. The Patron through fundraising by the parents provides a further percentage of those running costs.

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