Origin of the North Bay National School Project

In August 1988 a group of parents in the North Dublin area, some of whom had failed to get a place for their children in the North Dublin National School Project (NDNSP), constituted themselves as the North Bay National School Project in order to set up a similar school locally for their children.

Like so many groups before them, their major task was to find suitable premises in which to start and for the first 18 months the situation looked bleak.

Early in 1990 however, they became aware that a large 16 classroom national school building in Kilbarrack was no longer being used by the Catholic authorities as a national school and it was rumored that it had been acquired by the Department of Education.

Some of the classrooms were currently being used by an Irish language school and a special school under the Patronage of St. Michael’s House. Again it was through direct contact with the Minister, Mary O‘Rourke that these rumors were confirmed and the Project spent the next few months trying to convince the Minister that a block of classrooms in this building should be leased for a multi-denominational school.

It was August 1990 before the Department agreed to this request but in spite of the fact that the new school year was to start a few weeks later, the Project decided to forge ahead and the school opened in September 1990.

Predictably the numbers enrolled were small – only about 20 pupils – and so the school opened with one teacher who bravely took on the task of teaching a range of children from junior infants to fourth class. This was to be the 7th project school to open in Ireland.

The project then applied to the Department of Education to become the Patron of the school. In 1991 enrolment had grown sufficiently to appoint two further teachers and a fourth teacher was appointed in September 1992.

Today we have 221 children and 13 teachers. This year is our 20th year and the Patron plan to celebrate that with various events throughout the year.

The Patrons function is the very same today as it was 20 years ago. The model we have is an independent Patron which consists of 11 parents. This model allows for the most democratic style of running a school, with the maximum parental involvement.

All parents are welcome to become members of the project, to support its work and be a member of the committee in running the company. Your support is greatly appreciated.

The role and function of a Patron is defined in documentation from the Department of Education, the ―”Rules for National Schools, 1965″, the ―”Education Act 1998″ and also in the ―”Boards of Management of National Schools; Constitution of Board and Rules for procedure”, ―”Primary Boards of Management Information Handbook” as well as in ―”The constitution of Ireland” and the Memorandum and Articles of the North Bay National School Project.

In order to fulfil the role of Patron, the Project had to establish itself as a Company limited by guarantee not having a share capital. Our company registration no is 170221 and we are registered in Dublin, Ireland with offices at Greendale Avenue, Kilbarrack, Dublin 5.

In order to do this the project had to establish Articles and memorandum of Association. These documents were drawn up and signed by 7 parents who founded the school on the 25th of July 1990.

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