What are the functions of the NBNSP Patron?

1.Define the Ethos and guide the characteristic spirit of the School [Ref. Ed. Act/15]

2.Establish the Board of Management of the School, Appoint and Confirm to Dept of Ed [Ref, Ed. Act /14] [Ref. Constitution of Boards and Rules of Procedure/ 3.Constitution of Boards/ 4. Procedures for Election and Nomination of members of Boardof Management]

3.Removal of Board members / dissolution of BOM by Patron or at request of a Minister [Ref. Ed Act 16 & 17]

4.Ensure the School is run in a spirit of partnership [Ref. Ed. Act 14 & 15]

5.Ensure the BOM run the school in accordance with the procedures as laid out in the ―Constitution of Boards and Rules of Procedure‖ Handbook [Ref. Ed. Act 15]

6.Responsible to the Dept of Ed for the lease of the School

7.Ensure the BOM appoint teachers, principals, SNA‘s & Fixed Term Temporary Contracts in accordance with the procedures as laid out ref. Teacher & Principal Appointments in the ―Constitution of Boards and Rules of Procedures‖ Handbook

8.Definition & Implementation of the Patrons Curriculum – ―Learn Together Program for half an hour each day

9.Approval of Enrolment Policy

10.Fundraising and Financing of School Running Costs

11.Legal Liability as Limited Company

12.Ensure good Communication with the BOM and other committees in the school, Principal, Teachers, Staff, its Members and ET

13.Planning, Vision & Leadership

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